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This page describes in more detail the methodology used for TI Landscape.


Which type of software is included

The following 14 software categories have been included:

Advanced Supply Chain Analytics

Software solutions that have algorithms to optimize specific supply chain functions (as opposed to generic optimizers)

AI/Data Science/Machine Learning Platforms

Platforms that enable users to build custom advanced analytical applications (predictive models)

Master Data Management

Software solutions to manage master data


Software solutions to build cost-to-serve models

Supply Chain Risk Management

Software solutions to monitor and manage supply chain risk

Supply Chain Network design

Software solutions to model and optimize an end-to-end network

Control tower

Software solutions that provide visibility and help manage execute processes with external tiers of suppliers, 3PLs etc.

Supply Chain Planning & Optimization

Historically called APS, software solutions that optimize supply and demand planning with algorithms (incl S&OP, IBP and MEIO as well)

Vehicle Route Optimization

Software solutions that plan and optimize the routing of vehicles with algorithms

Load Optimization

Software solutions that optimize the load utilization in any transport unit (truck, container etc.) with algorithms

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Software solutions that manage the admistrative transport processes (no optimization)

Shipment Execution Platforms

Platforms to select carriers and manage shipments by booking, tracking and payment capabilities

Freight Audit & Payment

Software solutions to manage freight payment and do freight audit


Software solutions that manage and automate the sourcing and procurement processes

Note that the following types are not included:

  • Mature categories, such as ERP, WMS and MES

    • These categories have been around since at least 20 years, and you very likely know already all the relevant software vendors. A list of vendors with presence in Asia is still available however upon request (at cost)

  • Very novel or hype categories, such as Blockchain

    • We only include categories that have passed the ‘hype’ /early adopter phase, to minimize the risk of wasting your time and effort on unproven solutions. A list of vendors with presence in Asia is still available however upon request (at cost), if you are an early adopter but that is extremely rare in Asia


We closely monitor the developments in the supply chain software market. Besides conducting research into the vendors, we survey the need for specific supply chain solutions on a regular basis. Whenever a new type of software solution emerges and is credible enough to be considered for evaluation, we will add it to our landscape.

Which type of vendors are included

The following type of vendors have been included:

  • Local and international vendors must have an office in at least one Asian country, to have a local team that understand the nuances of the Asian market

  • Number of implementations in Asia above a certain minimum threshold (relative to company size)


A total of 88 vendors are included in the 2021 version

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