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TI Landscape

Supply chain decision makers need to know what software is available to support their operations, but the market is complex and lacks transparency. With software vendors using different and confusing terms for the same type of software and a steady stream of mergers and acquisitions, the market is constantly changing.

Another challenge is that most other analyst companies receive money from the software vendors, so their views are biased. In addition, their focus is nearly exclusive on the USA and doesn’t cover Asian vendors or to what extent international vendors have a presence in Asia.

Terra Incognita offers the following:

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Complete overview of which supply chain software is available in Asia

We provide unbiased information about what supply chain software is available, with a special focus on Asia. We cover all the main types of supply chain software, including innovative new areas related to AI, Cognitive solutions and Advanced Analytics.

Questions we help answer

Independent research

Why charge a fee?

Our Landscape helps to answer the following questions:

  • Which type of software is appropriate for my type of business requirement?

  • Which vendors offer this kind of software?

  • Which of these vendors have a presence in Asia to support me?

We focus on the requirements of you, the supply chain decision maker, and consumer of supply chain software technology. By not accepting any payment from software vendors, we offer a strong independent view.

Information does not want to be free.

For too long you've come to expect things to be free online. However, it's clear now what devasting effect that has on the quality of information

More details about our methodology can be found here.

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The 2021 version includes 14 software categories and 88 software vendors

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